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FAILED: Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Chicken

It sounded so perfect.  Wicked on-sale bone-in chicken quarters.  Honey barbecue sauce.  Garlic.  Slow cooker (set it and forget it!), meaning minimal effort.  How could it possibly go wrong?

Oh my, it did.

This recipe has huge potential to taste oh-so-delicious, but it wasn’t in the cards for me this week.  I had planned to make enough chicken for dinners for the week since John was out of town.  It lasted a half a meal… and the rest went in the garbage.

I figured I might as well post about my recipe failures.  I know we ALL have recipes that turn out disastrous.  I’ll try making this again one day… and hopefully I can turn it into a recipe WIN!

I won’t post the recipe until it is perfected, but here are some tips for my future self or for anyone attempting a similar recipe:

  1. Don’t cook it for 9+ hours. Okay, I know that sounds crazy.  But the way my slow cooker is designed, it can cook on low or high for a set amount of time, and once it is done, it will stay on a “warm” setting until you actually shut it off.  I think it still cooks it somewhat.  So when I work a 9 hour day PLUS have an hour of commuting, that’s about 10 hours in the slow cooker, even though I only set it to 6 ½!  Big mistake haha.
  2. Cover the chicken with liquid – COMPLETELY. I made a honey barbecue-garlic mixture and poured it over the chicken, but it didn’t quite cover everything.  I should have added more of the mixture or even some chicken broth.  The top dried out and the “exposed” bone turned black, and some of the edges burned.
  3. Add less soy sauce. The recipe I was following had a bit too much soy sauce for my liking.  It made the chicken WAY too salty and over-powered the taste of the honey barbecue and garlic flavor.

You win this time, honey barbecue garlic chicken.  We will meet again!